Motor controller

12-month guarantee, repair by mail and on the spot. Professionally.

Sterownik silnika

Thanks to many years of experience on the market, we are able to perform a complex repair of engine ECU. If the repair does not come to fruition due to reasons not attributable to us, we can propose a replacement ECU from our rich offer.

Sterownik silnika

Below you can find the most common symptoms of ECU malfunction. The amount of these symptoms is much more. Therefore, each driver requires individual treatment and a phone contact is necessary to diagnose the fault in your vehicle.

  • After starting up the car, it works smoothly and after a while it begins to "freak out", jerk, choke, a loss of power is shown or its total absence, uneven engine operation.
  • The car works normally, however, when it is switched to petrol, it stalls.
  • Car is not starting up.
  • Sometimes, the problems occur only on cold or warmed engine.
  • It is not running on 1 or several cylinders.
  • There are errors related to a coil, throttle, accelerator pedal, fuel pump.
  • flow meter, fan or the lack of communication with ECU.

Sterownik silnika

Car makes:

  • Opel Agila Astra Corsa Combo Meriva Omega Zafira Vectra  ( 1.0  1.2  1.4  1.6  1.7  1.8 2.2
  • Fiat Panda PUNTO II SEICENTO doblo 1.2 1.1 itd.


We are at your disposal from Monday fill Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.; phone: Mon-Fri, 8 p.m. – 10 p.m. It is possible to make an appointment at later time and on Saturday, prior phone contact. For our customers, we also offer a replacement car.

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