Have you a problem with SCR AdBlue selective catalytic reduction system and are you afraid of the occurrence of such problems in future, and consequently, move the car to run in emergency mode? Do you want to avoid costly repairs?

We can solve your problem for ever. WE offer disconnection of AdBlue in each:

  • semi-trailer truck
  • autobus
  • commercial lorry

In such vehicles as:

  • Iveco
  • Volvo
  • Renault
  • Scania
  • DAF
  • MAN


The solution consists in installing by us a special appliance that emulates the work of SCR AdBlue system and switches its operation off.

The appliance sends to engine ECU communicates like a fully efficient and operational SCR AdBlue system.

During diagnostics, all visible work parameters of SCR system are the same as in the vehicle with a fully efficient SCR Adblue system. The vehicle passes all tests of correct operation. When you make this service at our workshop, all errors and emergency mode related to faulty operation of this system disappear and you avoid a risk of their occurrence in future.

The use of emulator switches off the work of all elements of the system, i.e.:

  • AdBlue pump,
  • AdBlue temperature probe,
  • NOx sensor
  • AdBlue tank
  • pressure sensor etc.

After the application of emulator, it is possible to dismantle all the elements mentioned above, however, it is recommended to leave them as dummies of the whole system.

Advantages of the use of SCR AdBlue emulator:

  • the vehicle does not use Adblue fluid – there is no need refilling it – it is pure saving;
  • in case of a failure of any of SCR system elements, there is no necessity of repairing or replacing it, because the emulator replaces all the subassemblies;
  • decreased fuel consumption;
  • no risk of shifting into a mode of lowering power due to a failure of SCR system;
  • a discretion of the installation - the emulator is not detectable by diagnostic equipment;
  • after installing the emulator, the vehicle is fully diagnosable and diagnostic units see the fluently operating SCR AdBlue system;
  • an easy and fast installation / deinstallation of emulator, without a permanent interference into the vehicle electronic systems;
  • no permanent interference into the car electronics, ability to restore the functionality of SCR system.


This service is performed by us on the spot in time of approx. 3 hours.



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We are at your disposal from Monday fill Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.; phone: Mon-Fri, 8 p.m. – 10 p.m. It is possible to make an appointment at later time and on Saturday, prior phone contact. For our customers, we also offer a replacement car.

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