We offer a professional Chip Tuning for personal cars, delivery vans and trucks, and even farm tractors. All vehicles are tuned by us on a professional chassis dynamometer.


Select your model and check what increases in power and torque are able to be achieved.
If your model is absent, please call us and to learn more!



Chip Tuning  is a service that consists in modifying (optimising) programme of engine ECU to improve the engine efficiency, i.e. to increase power and torque.

Engine manufactures do not tune individually every vehicle that leaves the production line, therefore, they usually leave a considerable strength reserve for their engines. Thanks to this, we are able to approach to each model individually and increase its power without reducing the engine operational life.

We offer two types of modification:

  • Eco Modification  - it is set to maximum fuel savings. Depending on car model and driving style, we are able to decrease fuel combustion by 0.5–1.5 l per 100 km in personal cars and delivery vans, and from 1 l up to 5 l per 100 km in trucks and farm tractors.

  • Power Modification -is mainly selected by our customers. It is mainly configured to achieve maximum engine efficiency. We are able to elevate safely both the engine power and torque even up to 30%.

 We invite you to familiarise yourself with our modifications.


How do we achieve this:

1) First measurement on the test stand and the diagnostics of the car (logging the parameters of tested engine).

2) The readout of primary programmed parameters from engine ECU.

3) Modification of the read out parameters (individual tuning) basing on the diagram of test stand and logs.

4) Programming the engine ECU using the modified parameters.

5) Measurement on the test stand and verification of growths achieved.

6) Possible correction of parameters, reprogramming ECU and measurement on the test stand.


Arrange the service now. The time needed to complete the service on the spot is around 3–4 hours.

For our customers, we also offer a replacement car free(early booking).



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We are at your disposal from Monday fill Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.; phone: Mon-Fri, 8 p.m. – 10 p.m. It is possible to make an appointment at later time and on Saturday, prior phone contact. For our customers, we also offer a replacement car.

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