About Company

Electric-Service has their long experience on the market. This gives rise that we are able to manage with the tasks other companies had not coped with. Our enormous advantage is a modern equipment base and well trained personnel. We operate using only the best licensed equipment. We are able to find an optimum solution between a low price and a highest quality of the service. We never rest on our laurels and we still develop our company to meet better your requirements. Continuous training and qualification growth enable us to extend our offer by additional services.

Do not risk any modifications or repairs in chip "garage" companies as such services fall though due to the lack of experience and required equipment, and the improvement may be much more costly.

Choose the specialists with many-year experience, such as many companies and private persons made from Poland and abroad.






We are at your disposal from Monday fill Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.; phone: Mon-Fri, 8 p.m. – 10 p.m. It is possible to make an appointment at later time and on Saturday, prior phone contact. For our customers, we also offer a replacement car.

  • electric.service25@gmail.com
  • +48 795 954 691
  • ul. Zapolskiej 10, 84-230 Rumia 
  • dpf.torun@gmail.com
  • +48 533 666 471
  • ul. Dworcowa 28, 87-122 Grębocin
  • dpf.olsztyn@gmail.com
  • +48 733 666 378
  • ul. Polna 11, 10-059 Olsztyn
  • dpf.bialystok@gmail.com
  • +48 790 333 469
  • ul. 42 Pułku Piechoty 78, 15-182 Białystok
  • dpf.szczecin@gmail.com
  • +48 733 990 511
  • ul. Mieszka 1 61a, 71-011 Szczecin
  • usuwaniedpf.poznan@gmail.com 
  • +48 534 868 155
  • ul. Warszawska 39/41, 61-028 Poznań

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